Nutritional wellness is the process in which we connect what we eat to all aspects of our entire well being. The connection between nutrition and wellness is such that your nutrition can influence injuries and your rehabilitation, medical conditions, your sleep and your mental health. Your nutrition can be influenced by your family, your social circle, your culture and your financial situation.

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The general connection with nutrition to fitness is to associate weight loss or weight gain as a result of what we eat.

In order to accomplish your goal of weight loss or weight gain, the four components of fitness, AEROBIC, CORE, STRENGTH, and FLEXIBILITY should be connected to your nutritional program.

For example, when someone is trying to lose weight the combination of exercise and proper diet can be used to help achieve goals at a more efficient pace.

The biggest mistake that someone can make is to separate their fitness from their nutrition.

Independently, diet and exercise can help you achieve your goals, but at a much slower rate than if you combined them to work together to accomplish your goals.

In fact when many people separate their diet from their fitness. They often give up trying to achieve their goals because getting results with their program takes too long to achieve. This can cause increased frustration and often depression about not being able to achieve their goals.