When it comes to injury most of us think of our bodies as indestructible, because they are pretty tough. We are built for endurance, like a fine piece of machinery.
However, if you drive a car everyday, at some point, the brakes must be changed, the oil must be changed, maintenance must be done.
If not taken care of, eventually your car just like your body will break down.

Injuries are often part of training and working out . There are only two ways to deal with injuries
1. Prehab
2. Rehab

The Prehab and Rehab connection to fitness is essential. The best way to prevent an injury from happening is Prehab . If you address the situation before the injury occurs with routine maintenance you can prevent the injury from happening or lessen the impact of the injury. Rehab becomes extremely necessary once the injury has occurred or has become too painful to manage.

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Prehab is an emerging health trend proven to keep athletes and active individuals away from preventable injuries and unnecessary surgeries. A single injury can stay with a person for an entire lifetime, even with careful rehabilitation.

Prehab is a proven, common sense technique to thoughtfully prevent injuries before they happen. Preventing injuries decreases healthcare costs, and can improve the quality of life for many Americans.

Prehab is the most effective way of addressing preventable injury in sports. It links experienced professionals with effective prevention information and educates athletes. If you’re prone to injury it’s a good idea to have a fitness, wellness or healthcare provider that is a certified prehab specialist as part of your fitness and wellness circle.


Rehab begins after the injury has already occurred. Anyone who has had any injury knows that injuries are pretty painful and that the rehab is time consuming. There are several home remedies for minor injuries like sprains, soreness and bruises. In particular the one that we all know RICE- Rest Ice Compression Elevation. Heat in the form of a warm compress such as a heating pad or hot water bottle is often a treatment suggested for sore muscles.