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How helpful is stem cell activativation for hair loss?

Stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells of a multicellular organism which are capable of differentiating into specialized cells to produce numerous cells.These cells have the ability to restore and renew damaged tissues. 

As humans age, their stem cell production decreases over time. By the time we reach our mid 50’s to early 60’s, our stem cell count doesn’t always look so hot, pending a variety of hereditary, diet and lifestyle factors. 

Activation of stem cells can be done naturally with regular exercise, getting adequate sleep,  applying plant stem cells on your skin helps reduce aging signs, plant stem cells renew and activates skin stem cells, undergoing periodic fasts helps to promote blood stem cells and by the intake of stem cell supplements.

The discovery of stem cell therapy for rejuvenation of hair loss was found to be effective in a variety of population. The process of stem cell therapy has been described in the following article.

 Follow the link to read more about stem cell therapy: (https://www.stylecraze.com/articles/stem-cell-therapy-for-hair-loss-treatment-and-best-clinics-in-india/#gref)

It is an advantageous process without any side effects.

On the contrary, Obtaining any form of stem cell is a difficult process. 

To collect embryonic stem cells, the embryo must be grown in a culture. Once harvested, it takes several months for the stem cells to grow enough to the point where they could be potentially used for the creation of a therapy. Adult stem cells, especially those which are obtained from a person’s bone marrow, can be extremely painful to obtain for the patient. Some individuals may not live anywhere near a facility that has the capabilities of obtaining those cells, which creates another set of logistics which must be solved.

Stem cell research is a costly process. 
The cost of a single stem cell treatment that has been approved for use in the United States is typically about $10,000. Some clinics have found ways to reduce this cost by up to 20%. Outside of the United States, the costs of a single treatment can be as high as $100,000. The cost of harvesting an embryo for stem cells is up to $2,000 per instance. Services rendered to take adult stem cells may not be included in the treatment cost and could be several thousand dollars. And, because stem cell treatments are experimental in most instances, health insurance plans and government-provided benefits do not generally provide access to them.

We do not know if there are long-term side effects to worry about. 
Tens of thousands of people are receiving stem cell transplants every year, with efficacy rates improving each year for the dozens of illnesses and diseases that respond positively to such treatments. What we do not know yet is if there are long-term consequences to such therapies, even if there are short-term benefits that are being seen. More than 3,500 different research studies are happening right now to determine the effectiveness of stem cell research and therapies, but the results are still pending.

To read more follow the link : https://vittana.org/19-advantages-and-disadvantages-of-stem-cell-research



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