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The Future Is Now – Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss

Throughout history, healthy hair has always been looked upon as an integral part of one’s personality, making hair loss a relatively sensitive issue when it does occur. Hair fall represents a significant chunk of the most common aesthetic problems today. Lack of awareness only adds to the illusion and misconception that hair loss has little or no cure. But all that is set to change. The advances made by medical research has given rise to a breakthrough treatment for hair loss – autologous stem cell therapy. This game-changing therapy enables the stem cells found in the hair follicles to reinvigorate them. Hair follicle stem cells are cells found in the hair follicle. They are present in the skin and produce hair throughout a person’s lifetime. Hair follicles contain a complex maze of stem cells called totipotent that develop into different cell types and produce similar cells that work as growth factors in hair development and regeneration. Stem cells possess the ability to be multipotent, a capability that can lead to the regeneration of sebaceous glands, epidermis, and hair follicles.

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