High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training

So, here we go. It’s a new year. New resolutions and new goals to achieve.
I am always being asked to give my opinion to people on what they should be doing with their fitness. I decided to do a breakdown of the top trends and who should or should not be doing them.
First on my list (HIIT) High Intensity Interval Training

The journal of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) describes it this way- “These exercise programs typically involve short bursts of high-intensity bouts of exercise followed by a short period of rest. “
HIIT is a very popular exercise program worldwide. It is designed to help in all areas of fitness including Aerobic, Core, Strength and Flexibility.

Sample HIIT program
Round 1
1 minute Jump Squat Front Kick
1 minute rest
20 Push Ups
1 minute Jumping Lunge
30 sec rest
1 minute Skip Jump
1 minute rest
10 Burpees

This type of program can deliver great results across the board. HIIT features a variety of exercises so boredom with your routine will not a problem.

Although High Intensity Interval Training is extremely popular it is not for everyone. People who are sedentary, prone to injury or injured may have great difficulty with a HIIT workout program. They may even risk further injury to their body.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is an excellent workout program for cardio. HIIT can help you increase your aerobic endurance.

Great for endurance based strength training. Although you will get some sculpting and toning, don’t expect a great deal of definition as this workout is designed more for strength and endurance.

You will get some very good range of motion from all the different exercises. Most require multiple movements and direction changes. If you’re looking strictly for flexibility through exercise or activity, Yoga or Pilates would be a better choice.

HIIT workout routines are excellent for helping to strengthen your core. The switching between different types of exercises will definitely require you to keep engaging your core whether you choose to or not.

Not the best program to start if you are a beginner, but if you find an instructor that can customize the exercises to a beginner level, it’s can be an excellent program that you can grow with.

If you are at the intermediate level, HIIT is a great challenge that can help you to get to the next level of your fitness journey.

If you are at the advanced level or pro level of Fitness HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the program mode for you. Whether you are a former or current athlete, professional body competitor or a person who just loves to work up a good sweat, High Intensity Interval Training will help you not only stay in great condition but will also keep the boredom out of your workout routine.

When it comes to the High Intensity Interval Training, people with significant injuries such as joint related injuries that could occur to the ankle, knee, hip, back, shoulder wrist or with muscular injuries, strains, pulls, tears or any other ligament damage, should not participate in HIIT.
It will be better for your body to wait until you’re completely healed. You should definitely seek out a professional for rehab and conditioning for your injury in order for you to continue to have a healthy fitness lifestyle.

High Intensity Interval Training can give you great results across a broad spectrum of goals. It is a great program if you’re looking to increase your aerobic activity through cardio. It’s perfect for increasing your strength and endurance. If flexibility is your goal, HIIT can provide some, but not the free range of motion that most people looking to improve flexibility need.
In fact, if your flexibility isn’t optimal, to avoid injury you will need to be cautious when trying to do too much range of motion at high-intensity.

High Intensity Interval Training definitely requires almost constant engagement of the core so your core will always be a great benefactor of this program.

Weight loss through High Intensity Interval Training could be a great result but it’s not always guaranteed.

High Intensity Interval Training will definitely improve your fitness before impacting your weight. Doing a complimenting diet or meal program along with HIIT is the key if you want to achieve maximum weight loss at a safe and effective level.

Weight gain can also be an issue with HIIT. The variety of strength conditioning exercises will help to build muscle mass. Since muscle weighs more than fat weight gain can be achieved through HIIT.
It is also very likely that you could lose muscle mass because of the cardio aspect of HIIT.

If you are not consuming the proper portions of protein you will not only have trouble gaining muscle mass, but most likely will lose muscle mass.

Once again eating a complimenting diet or meal plan program with High Intensity Interval Training is the key if you want to achieve max muscle weight gain and max fat loss.

If your goal is becoming stronger and better conditioned while achieving lean muscle mass, High Intensity Interval Training is the program for you.

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