Pole Dancing


World Pole Sport & Fitness – finals – Sat 1st February 2014

World Pole Sport & Fitness – finals – Sat 1st February 2014 – UK

Mater Classes – Saturday 1st February – Hawth Theatre World Champions NATALIA TATARINTSEVA and Alesia Vazmitsel


who can apply?

Welcome to the most glamourous World Pole Sport Championships event in the world
Winners, runners up and third place positioning of previous competitions can enter the World Championships
There will be three categories:-

Male Singles – video application (one spinning & one static pole)
Synchronised Doubles (mixed and same sex genders) – video application (two static poles)
Female Singles – preliminaries (one spinning & one static pole)

For the female category ONLY, each applicant must go through the preliminaries , HELD AT TAYLOR’S POLE RETREAT on (Friday 31st January,) apart from last year’s world champions, first, second and third positions, in all categories, who gain the right to automatically gain a place in the finals (Saturday 1st February)
We feel this is the fairest application process for all countries.

For the male and doubles category – please fill in your application form and submit your video entry no later than 1st December to –

Previous competition winners who have been placed either, first, second or third can apply for World Pole Sport & Fitness championships

We will also have a ‘wild card’ entry group of 8 – 10 places –
This group will need to apply via video for a place in the preliminaries – Friday 31st January 2014 (these are candidates who have not won a title due to them not being a competition in their country etc – video entries must be received no later than 27th December 2013

To apply everyone must:
Be a legal resident in the country they are representing
Complete an official application form – email us at – events
Email us for the Rules and Regulations too
Please Pay £100 GBP application fee per singles category (£160 GBP per doubles category) – see the payment link on the website below –

Chaperones (one per candidate or one per doubles) who will be allowed back stage and be given a complimentary theatre seat for all three competitions, and need to register at an additional charge of £20 GBP

World Pole Dance is the original and ultimate global World Pole Sport Competition and showcase bringing together over 26 Countries from 5 Continents and featuring the World’s best pole performers and athletes in a showcase event, demonstrating sheer physical strength, skill and stamina and individually choreographed routines.
You will be awarded extra points for the use of props and costumes
You will be awarded extra points for creativity of your tricks, transitions and moves

We look forward to celebrating the art and creativity of pole dance for all