Dwayne Johnson




Dwayne Johnson

Date of Birth 2 May 1972 , Hayward, California, USA
Birth Name Dwayne Douglas Johnson
Nicknames The People’s Champion
The Brahma Bull
The Great One
The Rock
Height 6′ 4″ (1.93 m)

Mini Bio (1)

Dwayne Douglas Johnson was born in Hayward, California on May 2nd 1972 to Rocky Johnson and Ata Johnson. While growing up, Dwayne traveled around a lot with his parents and watched his father perform in the ring. During his high school years, Dwayne began playing football and he soon received a full scholarship from the University of Miami where he had tremendous success as a football player. In 1995, Dwayne suffered a back injury which cost him a place in the NFL. He then signed a 3 year deal with the Canadian League but left after a year to pursue a career in wrestling. He made his wrestling debut in the USWA under the name Flex Kavanah where he won the tag team championship with Brett Sawyer. In 1996, Dwayne joined the WWE and became Rocky Maivia where he joined a group known as “The Nation of Domination” and turned heel. Rocky eventually took over leadership of the “Nation” and began taking the persona of The Rock. After the “Nation” split, The Rock joined another elite group of wrestlers known as the “Corporation” and began a memorable feud with Steve Austin. Soon the Rock was kicked out of the “Corporation”. He turned face and became known as “The Peoples Champion”. In 2000, the Rock took time off from WWE to film his appearance in The Mummy Returns (2001). He returned in 2001 during the WCW/ECW invasion where he joined a team of WWE wrestlers at The Scorpion King (2002), a prequel to The Mummy Returns (2001). He is divorced from his first wife Dany Garcia (Garcia). They have a daughter together named Simone Alexandra, born in 2001.

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Spouse (1)

Dany Garcia (3 May 1997 – 19 May 2008) (divorced) (1 child)
Trade Mark (14)

Wrestling finisher: The People’s Elbow
As his wrestling character The Rock, often referred to himself in the third person.
Removing elbow pad before delivering the People’s Elbow
Trademark move: Spine on the Pine (modified Spinebuster)
Trademark move: Three open handed punches, followed by a hand spitting motion, followed by a fourth punch which typically levelled the opponent.
Trademark move: Flowing DDT
Trademark move: Floatover DDT
Trademark move: Sharpshooter
Trademark move: Samoan Drop
Trademark move: Charging Double Leg Spinebuster
Finishing move: Rock Bottom
Trademark Phrase: “Just Bring It!”
Trademark Phrase: “Lay a smack down on your candy arse”
His big, muscular physique.

Trivia (85)

First ever 7 time WWE World Champion.
Was the first person to ever kick out of the “Stone Cold Stunner” while fighting Stone Cold Steve Austin (Steve Austin) at Wrestlemania XV.
His favorite eyebrow trademark (not including his own) is Groucho Marx’s.
Former World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champion (with Mankind (Mick Foley) in “The Rock ‘n Sock Connection”).
Was a member of Miami’s NCAA national championship football team in 1991. Later in his career he played as Warren Sapp’s backup at defensive tackle.
Received guidance and training from Bret Hart (aka “The Hitman”) when he first came to the WWF.
Grandson of Peter Fanene Maivia.
Daughter with his wife, Dany Garcia, Simone Alexandra Johnson, was born in Davie, Florida. [August 2001]
A member of the elite group of wrestlers, such as Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair to hold the WWF and WCW world titles on several different occasions.
Named one of E!’s “top 20 entertainers of 2001.”
He once appeared on Martha Stewart Living (1991) to cook one of his favorite family recipes.
Attended Freedom High School, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Another former student was Daniel Dae Kim.
Has a wax figure likeness of himself at Madame Tussaud’s museum
Wife, Dany Garcia, was 22 when they met.
Decided to attend the University of Miami because they didn’t openly express interest in him
After years of dating Dany Garcia, he did not meet her parents until shortly before their wedding.
Married Dany Garcia the day after his 25th birthday.
His $5.5-million paycheck for The Scorpion King (2002) earned him a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records, as his salary was the highest for any actor receiving top billing for the first time.
No athlete who ever hosted Saturday Night Live (1975) has ever repeated for a second time, until The Rock did so in 2002. Technically, he was promoting a film for his second sting (The Scorpion King (2002)) but his college football, CFL and pro wrestling background makes him the show’s first two-time athlete-host.
He owns the rights to name “The Rock” (including logos, phrases, etc). The rights to the name “The Rock” were previously owned by WWE, Inc. (which is the main reason why Vince McMahon has received executive producer credits in some of the Rock’s films).
Once, while putting on a show for WWF road agent Pat Patterson, sold his opponent’s moves so well, his then-girlfriend Dany Garcia thought he was actually hurt.
Growing up, considered what his father did, “wrestling”; he once tried amateur wrestling, and found he didn’t like it.
In a 2000 episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live (1975), proved his acting and singing abilities by performing in various skits throughout the show.
He was offered a promotional deal with “Dunkin’ Donuts”, which would have seen the company name a donut after him. Thinking it would make him appear big-headed, he graciously turned the offer down.
His last match in the WWE before leaving to film The Rundown (2003) was against Bill Goldberg at the 2003 Backlash Pay-Per-View.
WWF Royal Rumble (2000) winner.
Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion (during the wCw/ECW Alliance storyline)
Accidentally smashed the tail-light of a Porsche while filming the movie Walking Tall (2004).
Is of African-Canadian and Samoan descent.
Was a team mate of Doug Flutie with the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League (CFL).
In his first semester at the University of Miami, earned a .7 grade point average. He was majoring in criminology.
His wedding anniversary falls on the same day as Stu Hart’s birthday. Stu’s son, Bret Hart, would often give him tips on how to improve in his matches.
Played his own father in an episode of That ’70s Show (1998).
Tonga Fifita, the wrestler known as Haku, was Best Man at Dwayne and Dany Garcia’s wedding.
In The Rundown (2003), he tells one of the rebels that Muhammad Ali would win a match against Mike Tyson. To intimidate his opponents, his father, Rocky Johnson, would often perform the “Ali shuffle” during his wrestling matches.
While filming The Scorpion King (2002), accidentally hit Michael Clarke Duncan during a fight sequence. Duncan leaned in too far for a hit, and his chin connected with The Rock’s elbow.
Is the third youngest superstar to hold the IC Championship. Jeff Hardy is the youngest at 23, and Randy Orton is the second youngest, also at 23, only a few months older than Hardy.
He weighed 290 pounds during his college football career, but reduced his weight to about 265 pounds late in his wrestling career. He has lost an addition 30 pounds recently for his part in Southland Tales (2006), some of which he since regained.
Dwayne is a skilled light tackle salt water fisherman.
Notable Title Wins Include: USWA Tag Team Titles w/Bret Sawyer; WWF Intercontinental Title; WWF/WWE Heavyweight Title (7); WWF Tag Team Titles w/Mick Foley; WWF Royal Rumble Winner; WWE Tag Team Titles w/Chris Jericho; WCW Heavyweight Title.
Son of Ata Johnson and Rocky Johnson.
Ranked #61 on VH1’s 100 Hottest Hotties
WWE named their Thursday night show after one of The Rock’s catchphrases, “Layeth the Smack Down” (Smackdown, in case you were wondering)
Officially proclaimed himself “The Rock” during a promo where he attacked Ron Simmons (Faarooq) in a WWF Raw (1993) telecast.
Sparred with, and gave guidance to, current Smackdown superstar Orlando Jordan.
He originally chose “Flex Kavana” as his stage name, because he didn’t want to seem like he was trading off his family’s legacy (Rocky Johnson, his father, and High Chief Peter Fanene Maivia his grandfather). Ironically, WWE officials came up with “Rocky Maivia” after they felt “Flex Kavana” wasn’t exactly a great name.
When Rocky Maivia was first considering going by the name The Rock for short, he resisted because he felt it would be stealing the former nickname of WWE Hall-of-Famer Don Muraco. He was talked into it by Vince Russo.
Was good friends with actor Michael Clarke Duncan.
His cousin, Tanoai Reed, is his stunt double for many of his movies.
During a visit to Samoa in July 2004, he was anointed by Head of State Susuga Malietoa Tanumafili II with the chiefly title of ‘Seiuli, Son of Malietoa’.
Was listed as a potential nominee on both the 2003 and 2005 Razzie Award nominating ballots. He was suggested in the Worst Actor category on the 2003 ballot for his role in the film, The Scorpion King (2002). And he was suggested again, two years later, in the Worst Actor category of the 2005 Razzie nominating ballot for his performance in the film, Walking Tall (2004). He failed to receive either nomination. The following year, though, he finally got a Worst Actor Razzie Nomination for his role in the film, Doom (2005).
Attended the Republican National Convention in 2004
Cousin of Solofa Fatu Jr. (Rikishi) and Rodney Anoai (Yokozuna).
As of 2008, Doom (2005) and Southland Tales (2006) are the two only R-rated films he has starred in. All of his other films have received PG-13, at the most.
While filming Be Cool (2005), he was Punk’d (2003) by Ashton Kutcher’s crew. They set his trailer on fire, which didn’t seem to faze him. It was only after Vince, one of the Punk’d (2003) crew, blamed the fire on him that things got really heated and they revealed the gag.
Was Tim Burton’s second choice for the role of Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005).
Daughter: Simone Alexander Johnson (born August 14th 2001)
With his wife, donated $2 million to the University of Miami for the new Robert and Judi Prokop Newman Alumni Center’s living room, to be named “The Dany and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Living Room”. The donation was announced at the Miami premiere of Gridiron Gang (2006).
Made his WWF television debut at the Survivor Series (1996).
[October 2006] In an interview with “Entertainment Magazine”, he no longer wants to be known as “The Rock”. Because of his retirement from the wrestling business, he now considers himself an actor: “I no longer am a wrestler, I am now pursuing a future as an actor and someday as a director. I am not the Rock. I am Dwayne Johnson”.
Former World Tag Team Champion.
Not only was his father, Rocky Johnson, a wrestler, but his grandfather, three uncles, and six cousins (one adopted) have been in wrestling too.
Ex-brother-in-law of Hiram Garcia.
Has a fear of spiders.
Has a stepbrother, Jared.
Remains close friends with WWE writer Brian Gewirtz.
Inducted his father and grandfather, Rocky Johnson and Peter Fanene Maivia into the WWE Hall of Fame on March 29th 2008.
Honored by the Congressional Award in Washington, DC on June 19, 2008 with the Horizon Award. The Horizon Award is a special recognition from the Joint Leadership of the United States Congress and the Congressional Award Board of Directors. The Horizon Award is presented to individuals from the private sectors who have contributed to expanding opportunities for all Americans through their own personal contributions, and who have set exceptional examples for young people through their successes in life.
Has expressed his desire to play a villain in a James Bond film. Dwayne’s grandfather Peter Fanene Maivia appeared as a Bond villain in You Only Live Twice (1967).
Although he has lived in the United States for most of his life, he has Samoan citizenship as his mother is Samoan. He has often stated in interviews he is proud of his Samoan heritage and feels honored to be a Samoan.
Has stated that the film adaptation of Doom (2005) was a complete failure, and that the movie did a huge disservice to fans of the video game franchise.
Was contacted about appearing at the Flair farewell address the night following WrestleMania XXIV (2008) but declined due to scheduling conflicts.
After making it big in the movie industry, Dwayne was able to fulfill an ambition he’d listed on his agenda of priority “To Do” items, and bought a home for his parents, a luxury they’d never theretofore known. His first major personal indulgence was his purchase of a Rolex watch.
Published author.
While he was filming his sword fight scene with Michael Clarke Duncan in The Scorpion King, the breaking of the swords was real and unintended, and openly stated that it was extremely dangerous because it was not planned and it could have cut anybody.
The Rock returned to the WWE and in 2013 he won the WWE Champion having defeated CM Punk at the Royal Rumble and retaining the title at Elimination Chamber pay per views.
Budapest, Hungary. Currently filming Hercules: The Thracian Wars (2014). [August 2013]
Made a pre-taped guest appearance on the March 12 edition of “Monday Night Raw” to further the Vince McMahon/Donald Trump storyline. [March 2007]
Has let his contract with WWE expire, thus, is no longer employed by them. Has turned his career to films. [February 2005]
Returned to WWE to host Wrestlemania XXVII. [February 2011]
Coming back to WWE for a month then leaving in February to shoot “Be Cool” and be back for Wrestlemania. [January 2004]
Beat Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 19. Leaving for a couple months, to shoot more movies. [May 2003]
Currently filming Walking Tall (2004) in Vancouver, Canada (June 25th- September 10). [July 2003]
Still on the RAW roster. Talked with Vince McMahon after WrestleMania 21, and they agreed that “The Rock” will come back when he has time. [May 2005]
Leaving WWE again for a while to promote Walking Tall (2004) and shoot Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run (2006) in June. [April 2004]

Personal Quotes (12)

Finally…The Rock…has come back to [whatever city he’s in at the time]
You will go one on one with the Great One!
Who in the blue hell are you?
[Referring to his 0.7 grade point average in college] “It’s pretty hard to get a point seven. You have to do close to nothing.”
Can you smell what The Rock is cooking!
The Rock will take you down Know Your Role Boulevard which is on the corner of Jabroni Drive and check you directly into the Smackdown Hotel!
It doesn’t matter what you think.
I have so much love and respect for the fans. I’ll never forget where I came from. I love the business. I grew up in the business. And everyone always asks me, from Letterman [David Letterman] to Stone Phillips, what I miss about wrestling. Hands down, I miss the interaction with the fans. Outside of the ring I loved it, too. I mean, how hard is it to sign an autograph? Don’t be an a**hole to your fans. And there’s many [in WWE] that won’t, which is bulls**t. But inside the ring, just that energy and feeding off that energy is great. There’s something so special about it. And every night I would just have a blueprint of what I would say and rely so much on ad-libbing and waiting to see what happens when I get out there and let it materialize organically and see what happens. Every night was a different crowd and they gave me so much energy, and I’ll always love that and always miss that for sure. [Interview with in October 2005]
To a degree, all of my promos are scripted, in that there are certain lines and phrases that I plan to include.
[about his wrestling career] I am amazed at the number of people who think I only work on the days and nights they see me on television.
A huge percentage of football players at Division I-A schools – especially those that are typically ranked in the top 25 – do not make the active roster as freshmen.
[on playing Hercules in Brett Ratner’s adaptation of Hercules The Thracian Wars] Understand, for me when I was a kid, Hercules was always a hero of mine, from Steve Reeves to the multiple guys who have played Hercules, but the idea and the notion of this man. When I first got into movies, I thought, ‘Gosh, I would love to do that one day.’ I always thought that the version of Hercules that I want to play was one that was more dramatic and survived in barren lands and not necessarily slick in any way or anything like that. It’s been around and been on my mind for some time.



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Is Dwayne Johnson the Green Lantern?

February 20, 2014 | Shay Mathews

Dwayne Johnson

New rumors point to Dwayne Johnson as the next Green Lantern.

In a rediscovered Instagram post praising his trainer, the actor included an interesting hashtag, which (un-mashed) reads: John Stewart Can Still Whup Superman’s (butt.) Stewart is, of course, the architect and former Marine who dons the Green Lantern suit after Hal Jordan moves on.

In response to a tweet from IGN, Johnson denied any deeper meaning or hidden revelation in the post. “All I said was… #LanternCanWhupSuperman,” he wrote. But this was neither a confirmation nor a denial, so the question remains. He did, however, confirm that he has been in talks with Warner Bros. to appear in one of their forthcoming films.

Even if Johnson is Green Lantern, it doesn’t mean he will appear in the Man of Steel sequel. Rumors suggest the studio will shoot the movie back-to-back with the official Justice League film, in which John Stewart is more likely to appear.

Denzel Washington has also been rumored for the role. But with WB’s desire to appeal to a younger audience, Johnson could have a slight edge over the veteran actor. Either way, it’s clear WB has no interest in recruiting Ryan Reynolds for a second go. The 2011 film featuring Reynolds brought in more than $200 million at the box office but was panned by critics.

Batman vs. Superman is slated to reach theaters May 6, 2016. Catch The Rock ahead of that in WB’s natural disaster flick, San Andreas, which will premiere June 5, 2015 in 2D and 3D.